Developing active student engagement and collaboration through the use of mobile technologies in inclusively-designed field courses

Thursday 1:30pm Ritchie Hall: 368


Ivan Carabajal, University of Cincinnati-Main Campus
Christopher Atchison, University of Cincinnati-Main Campus
Geoscience field studies are a common requirement for undergraduate degree programs in the geosciences. Instructional methods in traditional field-based courses combined with the rugged natural environment create barriers to the inclusion and participation of students with diverse physical and sensory abilities.

To address accessibility in field-focused teaching and learning, a team of Geoscience Education and Instructional Technology researchers created and studied student engagement and learning within a two-year NSF-funded GEOPATH project. Through multi-day inclusive field-experiences, designed with collaboration and inclusion in mind, this project included two cohorts of participants with various levels of physical mobility. Throughout the project, all students were engaged in various field activities in sites across northern Arizona in 2016, and western Ireland in 2017. Mobile technologies were used to promote effective collaboration through communication and equity in data collection, allowing each student to actively engage in real-time, scientific discussion with their peers. Preliminary findings from this project provide insight to inclusively-designed coursework through the use of technology as well as how to facilitate effective social inclusion to promote engagement and learning.

This presentation discusses key findings that support the impact of designing an inclusive community of learning that enables collaborative effort from all students, regardless of physical ability. The ability of all students to engage in the collaborative scientific process was vital in establishing an inclusive learning community.

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