Science + Education Collaboratory: A Mechanism to Broaden Impact

Friday 3:00pm-4:00pm Beren Auditorium
Poster Session Part of Friday Poster Session


Susan Meabh Kelly, University of Connecticut
Michael Thompson, University of Oklahoma Norman Campus
Assistant Director William Wulf, (NSF 1988-1990), advocated for leveraging expertise beyond institutional and disciplinary boundaries. This concept came to be known as a collaboratory. Established in response to a recent American Geophysical Union Scientist-Teacher Partnership Session, The Science plus Education Collaboratory (S+EC) is an extension of Wulf's vision. S + EC is envisioned as a space in which the expertise of scientists, K-12 formal and informal educators, and education researchers is exchanged to identify and address overlapping national initiatives. Primary initiatives are to 1) address challenges associated with long-standing efforts to integrate "authentic science" in K-12 settings and in conjunction 2) then collectively communicate and act to benefit multiple domains in society. This poster aims to introduce S + EC, share its initiatives, enhance the national BI conversation, and support the Scholarship of Broader Impacts (SoBI).

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Science + Education Collaboratory: A Mechanism to Broaden Impact (Acrobat (PDF) 313kB Jul20 18)