Incorporating writing into large and very large courses

Friday 3:00pm-4:00pm Beren Auditorium
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Session Chair

Lisa Tutty, Lakehead University
In my large (100+ students) and very large courses (400-1000 students) I have been increasingly incorporating writing into the curriculum. This entails short and long answer questions on tests and examinations in addition to scaffolded written assignments. Assistance from University librarians (ex. citation, locating peer reviewed sources) and teaching assistants (detailed formative comments and grading) has been instrumental in the implementation of these ideas. The WIT (Writing instruction for TAs) program at the University is based on the idea of Writing across the disciplines and assists both financially and with direct TA training in my Department. The students in these courses are mainly breadth requirement students taking a science credit for degree and they generally appreciate not having a"large course" marked entirely on multiple choice tests, but rather being able to demonstrate their knowledge and skills and incorporate their own disparate disciplines into mine.