A collective map project for GEO 120: Geology of the US National Parks

Monday 3:15pm Weeks Geo: 140
Oral Session

Session Chair

Beth Laliberte, University of Rhode Island
Geology of the United States National Parks (GEO 120) is an introductory Geology class principally for non-science majors. The student population ranges from freshman to seniors and have a wide variety of majors. A semester-long project has been developed for students to examine a national park of their choice in detail. At the beginning of the semester every student submits three park choices. The student is assigned one of their choices such that a wide variety of parks are represented. For their assigned park, the students write two essays: one on the geology of the park and one on research that has been conducted (or they feel should be conducted) in the park. The students then use the information about geology and research into the making of a collective map for their park using Scribble Maps. Near the end of the semester each student reviews two other students' maps. Examples of completed student collective maps will be shown to illustrate the project.