ESIP Education Initiatives

Thursday 4:30pm-5:30pm Red Gym
Poster Session


Margaret Mooney, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Shelley Olds, EarthScope Consortium
Preston Lewis, NASA Langley Research Center
Erin Robinson, ESIP Federation
Rebecca Fowler, ESIP Federation
The Federation of Earth System Information Partners (ESIP) Education committee strives to make data accessible and meaningful to educators. ESIP is a unique consortium of scientific organizations that collect, interpret, and develop applications for remotely sensed data. Over the years, ESIP Education has pursued numerous initiatives, including an annual workshop co-located at their summer meetings.
ESIP members meet at a different location each summer, providing the perfect opportunity to reach a new group of regional educators each year. And since many ESIP members develop educational products, there is a clear benefit to fostering this synergistic environment. To date, over 200 science teachers from over a dozen states have participated in ESIP Education Workshops. In addition, numerous informal educators, college instructors and representatives from different Federal agencies have attended ESIP workshops. Evaluations garner high ratings and helpful suggestions that are incorporated into improving successive initiatives. The main 2016 ESIP Education initiative involves the use of recreational UAVs (drones) for STEM activities and science fair projects. This poster will provide an overview of past ESIP workshops and elaborate upon the exciting new 2016 ESIP Education "Drones 4 STEM" initiative.