Test Your Ability to Use Blackboard Collaborative/Elluminate Live! Web-Conferencing Software

Before the Daily Optional Question and Answer Sessions: Configure Your Computer for Elluminate Live!

Elluminate Live! is a Java-based, real-time web collaboration environment built specifically for live multimedia collaboration. It offers features such as direct messaging, application sharing, file transfer, and interactive whiteboards.

Elluminate Access and Firewalls
Participants connecting to Elluminate from behind a firewall may have difficulty connecting. Elluminate (as with any remote demonstration/collaboration tool) requires you to download and install files. If you are unable to download files, or do not have administrative privileges to perform installations on your computer, you may not be able to participate in an Elluminate session.

Before the review session, please follow these steps to configure your computer for Elluminate Live!

  1. Enable your browser to pop up new windows. Click the Support linkElluminate Live! First Time Users .
  2. Your computer's operating system will be detected by Elluminate. If Java Web Start is already installed on your computer, you will see check marks. If not, follow the on-screen instructions for installing Java Web Start. NOTE: Macs running OS X are already configured to use Elluminate.
  3. Click on the Configuration Room link on the First Time User's webpage to bring up a demo Eluminate page on your browser. This step is optional, but recommended. You will be asked to allow access to your computer and download of a file. This file (meeting.jnlp) may appear in your downloads folder or on your desktop and this java file may begin to load Eluminate Live! automatically or wait for you to doube-click it. It will load the Elluminate telconferencing pages onto your computer. You can exit the Elluminate webpages when you have entered the Configuration Room. You are all set to take the workshop.