Introduction to Image Analysis Using Earth Science Data

Description: Learn to download and access freely available earth science data and conduct basic analysis techniques using ImageJ, a public domain image analysis program. Gather data from the NASA Near Earth Observations (NEO) web site and learn to use its built-in java program for image analysis.

Daily Outline

Day 1Use Images to Analyze Earth

  • Part 1: Introduction to Remote Sensing
  • Part 2: Explore and Investigate Digital Images to Develop an Understanding of Their Properties

Day 2Download, Stack, and Animate Images, Exploring Change Over Time

  • Part 1: Download Images from NASA Near Earth Observations (NEO) Website
  • Part 2: Stack and Animate Time-Series Images

Day 3Quantify Observations by Calibrating and Measuring Images

  • Part 1: Spatial Calibration and Measurement
  • Part 2: Density Calibration and Measurement

Day 4Use Multispectral Imaging Techniques to Examine Remote Sensed Images

  • Part 1: Introduction to Color Imaging
  • Part 2: Explore and Investigate Multispectral Data

Day 5Apply Image Analysis Techniques to Investigate Research Questions

  • Part 1: Use ImageJ to Analyze How Lake Mead Has Changed Over Time
  • Part 2: Use ImageJ to Analyze How the Sea Ice Extent in the Arctic Has Changed Over Time

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