Workshop Participants

Jimmy Adegoke, Geosciences Department, University of Missouri Kansas City
Dirk Baron, Geology Department, California State University, Bakersfield
Steve Bollens, School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Washington State University
Ann Cairns, American Geophysical Union
Lori Dengler, Geology Department, Humboldt State University
David Eaton, Geoscience Department, University of Calgary
Dave Evans, Geology Department, California State University, Sacramento
Geoff Feiss, Geology Department, College of William and Mary
Lydia Fox, Earth & Environmental Sciences Department, University of the Pacific
John Geissman, Earth & Planetary Sciences Department, University of New Mexico
Leila Gonzales, American Geological Institute
Christopher Keane, American Geological Institute
Venkat Lakshmi, Earth and Ocean Sciences Department, University of South Carolina
Liz Landau, American Geophysical Union
Heather Macdonald, Geology Department, College of William and Mary
Cindy Martinez, American Geological Institute
Carol Ormand, SERC, Carleton College
Wayne Pennington, Geological and Mining Engineering and Sciences Department, Michigan Technological University
Mike Perfit, Geological Sciences Department, University of Florida
Dallas Rhodes, Geology and Geography Department, Georgia Southern University
Randy Richardson, Geosciences Department, University of Arizona
Gary Solar, Earth Sciences Department, Buffalo State College
James Spotila, Geosciences Department, Virginia Technological Institute
Sally Sutton, Geosciences Department, Colorado State University
Katryn Wiese, Earth Sciences Department, City College of San Francisco

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