News from Compass

New Activity Classification Display
Posted: Aug 24 2023

Activity descriptions now include key category information like Subject, and Grade Level. This information is connected to our new Activity Search Interface so that you can jump directly from a particular activity to others on the same topic.

New Earth Activity Search Interface
Posted: Aug 24 2023

Through the Compass project we've developed a new search interface that allows you explore Earth-related teaching activities from over 100 different SERC-hosted projects.

Discover Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice (DEIJ) Resources
Posted: Dec 9 2022

The Compass project has developed a new search interface for finding SERC-hosted resources that support diversity, equity, inclusion and justice in geoscience education. Through a new DEIJ vocabulary you can explore over 500 resources that include teaching activities, projects, and programs. 

New Navigation Tools
Posted: Dec 9 2022

The Compass project has advanced a pair of new navigation tools for visitors to SERC hosted sites. The 'Where I've Been Feature' allows you to review and revisit content that you've visited earlier.  The 'Pages You Might Like' feature recommends resources from across SERC that relate to your current exploration.

Supporting Accessible Learning Resources
Posted: Dec 9 2022

SERC is taking a multi-pronged approach to improving the accessibility of geoscience education resources as part of the Compass project. A key element is a new resource guide designed to get instructors up-to-speed on accessibility best practices.


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