published Dec 9, 2022 11:59am

New Navigation Tools

The Compass project, as part of its work to make it easier for SERC visitors to find relevant resources, is highlighting a pair of features that support more effective exploration.

Where I've Been

The "Where I've Been" feature provides, near the bottom of every web page, a history of pages you've visited recently across all SERC-hosted websites. This is intended as a navigational aid for the individual visitor -- helping them relocate information they have seen recently and better understand their path through the variety of project websites we host.

Pages You Might Like

The "Pages You Might Like" feature also appears near the bottom of most SERC-hosted web pages.  It includes a set of recommended resources drawn from across SERC.  The recommendations are designed to help you discover materials from outside the context of the current project website, and include resources on topics and ideas similar to the page you happened to be viewing.  So you'll get a different set of recommendations on every page you visit.  If you've found a resource that is close, but not exactly what you wanted, scroll down to the Pages You Might Like section to find similar alternatives from other projects.