Initial Publication Date: March 8, 2021

Meeting Code of Conduct and Virtual Norms

  • Like all meetings, our expectations include a collegial, inclusive environment, where all voices are heard. Adhering to the SERC code of conduct. As is part of this code of conduct we encourage everyone to:
    • Be considerate, collegial, and collaborative,
    • Communicate openly, with civil attitudes, critiquing ideas rather than individuals, and
    • Frame discussions as openly and inclusively as possible and be aware of how language or images may be perceived by others.
  • We are using Zoom to facilitate our meetings. The following virtual norms will help us all participate:
    • Change your display name to your preferred name- include pronouns, if you'd like
    • Find your most comfortable way to participate (voice or chat)
    • Ensure you are muted when others are speaking
    • Video on vs off, as works for you
    • Please state your name when commenting by voice
    • Describe the subject when using pointer or referring to images
    • You can enable or disable live captions