Carleton Summer 2009 Research

In summer 2009, fifty six students did research with Carleton faculty in six science and math departments. Our HHMI grant supported thirteen (15) of these students who were mentored by 10 Carleton faculty. Another 41 students were supported by Carleton College and external sources (private foundations and government agencies including NSF and NIH).
Jennifer Wolff
Susan Singer
Matt Rand
Deborah Gross
Dani Kohen

Research Funded by HHMI (15 students)


  • Prof. Nidanie Henderson Optimizing the Purification of the Three-domain ABL Kinase from E. Coli (2 students)
  • Prof. Susan Singer Chamaecrista transcriptomics and DNA barcoding (1 student)
  • Prof. Jennifer Wolff Identifying New Regulators of Sex-specific Neurogenesis (1 student)
  • Prof. Raka Mitra Identification of effector proteins of Ralstonia solanacearum (1 student)
  • Prof. Matt Rand (1 student)


  • Prof. Deborah Gross Analysis of Atmospheric Aerosol Particles(1 student)
  • Prof. Daniela Kohen Adsorption of properties of Aluminium Substituted Zeolites(1 student)


  • Prof. Eric Egge Legendre-Stirling and Other Number Triangle Identities and Functions on Young's Lattice(2 students)
  • Prof. Katie St. Clair Bayesian Modeling of Link-tracing Sampling Designs(1 student)

Physics and Astronomy

  • Prof. Cindy Blaha Emission-Line Survey of the Local Group Galaxies (1 student)
  • Prof. Arjendu Pattanayak Tunneling and Dissipation in Simple Quantum Systems (1 student)


Julie Neiworth
Eric Egge
Cindy Blaha
Arjendu Pattanayak
David Hougen-Eitzman
Stephan Zweifel

Research Funded by Other Sources (41 students)

  • Biology: Profs. Stephan Zweifel (3 students), Susan Singer (2 students), Nidanie Henderson (2 students), Matt Rand and Amy Moore (1 student), Jennifer Wolff (1 student), Raka Mitra (2 students) & Dr. David Hougan-Eitzman (2 students)
  • Chemistry: Profs. Deborah Gross (2 students), Daniela Kohen (2 students), and Peter Gittins (2 students).
  • Geology: Profs. Clint Cowan (1 student) & Mary Savina (1 student)
  • Physics/Astronomy: Profs. Cindy Blaha (2 students), Nelson Christensen (2 students), Melissa Eblen-Zayas (3 students), Bill Titus (1 student) & Joel Weisberg (2 students).
  • Psychology: Profs. Julie Neiworth (6 students), Kathleen Galotti (1 student), & Ken Abrams (1 student).