Carleton Summer 2006 Research

In summer 2006, fifty students (including one high school student) did research with Carleton faculty in six science and math departments. Our HHMI grant supported eighteen (18) of these students who were mentored by 13 Carleton faculty. Another 32 students were supported by Carleton College and external sources (private foundations and government agencies including NSF and NIH). Photos of Carleton faculty engaged in summer 2006 undergraduate research are shown below.
Dani Kohen
Joe Chihade
Mark McKone
Bereket Haileab
Julie Neiworth
Cam Davidson
Larry Wichlinski
Amy Csizmar Dalal Amy Csizmar Dalal
Arjendu Pattnayak
Kathie Galotti
Melissa Eblen-Zayas
David Liben-Nowell
Cindy Blaha
Neil Lutsky
Dave Musicant
Susan Singer
Dave Alberg
Stephan Zweifel
Gretchen Hofmeister
Steve Drew
Joel Weisberg
Phil Camill

Research Funded by HHMI (18 students)


  • Prof. Mark McKone, Vegetation Change in a Restored Tallgrass Prairie (1 student)


  • Prof. Joe Chihade, Molecular Interactions of Human Mitochondrial Alanyl-tRNA Synthetase with tRNA Substrates (2 students)
  • Prof. Daniela Kohen, Behavior of Carbon Dioxide and Other Gases Within Silica Zeolites (2 students)

Computer Science


  • Prof. Julie Neiworth, Monkey Model of the Perceptual Deficits of Autism (1 student)
  • Prof. Kathie Galotti, Adolesence Goal Setting & Decision-Making in At-Risk Youth (2 students)
  • Prof. Larry Wichlinski, Effects of Supplemental Codeine on Anesthesia Induced by Chloral Hydrate and Pentobarbital in Rats (2 students)


  • Prof. Bereket Haileab, Tracing Nitrate from a Drainage Tile Through Surface Waters of the Cannon River Watershed (1 student)
  • Prof. Cam Davidson, North America Wandering Too Fast for Tectonics? Paleomagnetism of the Cretaceous Seaway (1 student)


  • Prof. Melissa Eblen-Zayas, Development of a Cryogenic System for Measurements on Colossal Magnetoresistance Materials (1 student)
  • Prof. Arjendu Pattanayak, Chaos and Entanglement in Coupled Sub-Systems (1 student)
  • Prof. Cindy Blaha, Multi-Emission-Line Study of M33: Census of a Galactic Neighborhood (1 student)

Research Funded by Other Sources (32 students)