Carleton Summer 2005 Research

In summer 2005, thirty-eight (38) students did research with Carleton faculty in six science and math departments. Our HHMI grant supported twelve (12) of these students. Another 26 students were supported by Carleton College and external sources (private foundations and government agencies including NSF and NIH).
Susan Singer
Joe Chihade
Amy Csizmar Dalal
Dave Musicant
Gretchen Hofmeister
Dani Kohen
Julie Neiworth
Bereket Haileab
Nelson Christensen
David Hougen-Eitzman David Hougen-Eitzman
Cindy Blaha
Steve Drew
Dave Alberg
Deborah Gross

Research Funded by HHMI (12 students)


  • Cloning and Analysis of the APETALA1 Homolog in a Basal Legume. Prof. Susan Singer (1 student)
  • Evolution of Light Harvesting Antennae Proteins. Prof. Heather Rissler (1 student)
  • Evolution of Intracellular Signal Transduction Pathways. Prof. Heather Rissler (1 student)

Chemistry or Biochemistry

  • Molecular Interactions of Human Mitochondrial Alanyl-tRNA Synthetase with tRNA Substrates. Prof. Joe Chihade (2 students)
  • Computational Chemistry on Gas Molecule Interactions with Molecular Sieves. Prof. Daniela Kohen (1 student)
  • Stereoselective Lewis Acid Catalysts for Asymmetric Synthesis. Prof. Gretchen Hofmeister (1 student)

Computer Science


  • Monitoring of Surface Water Chemistry in Rice County Minnesota. Prof. Bereket Haileab (1 student)

Physics and Astronomy


  • Gestalt and Numeric Testing in Tamarin Monkeys. Prof. Julie Neiworth (1 student)

Research Funded by Other Sources (26 students)