Getting past the Gut (Instinct, that is)

How can I tell if my new course activity improves student learning?

A short summer workshop to help you plan to observe the results of your science/math curricular changes in 2010-11

When? Choose between: June 23 (full day) OR July 14-15 (two mornings), 2010

Why? Pick your favorite reason!

  1. You have HHMI funds this summer for curricular changes you will implement in 2010-11. Did you know that CISMI is initiating a more formal assessment of its curriculum development efforts, funded through HHMI? Each grant recipient will need to develop and report (formally) assessment results related to the funded project. These reports will be discussed with science faculty, reported to HHMI and the teaching techniques and assessment results will be disseminated through SERC.
    And for the first time, CISMI is offering assistance to help faculty who've been awarded curriculum development grants develop and complete assessment of their work. Part of this assistance is an opportunity to work with other grant recipients in a short workshop. You are strongly encouraged to attend!
  2. You have HHMI funds to buy equipment for your teaching. You too will have to report on assessment of student learning this fall to HHMI (see above). You are strongly encouraged to attend.
  3. You were funded by HHMI last summer (2009) for curricular development and will need to report on assessment of student learning in your course this year (see above). Are you ready? And wouldn't you love to converse with other faculty about all this - why go it alone?
  4. You are planning to make a curricular change in a course in 2010-11 and don't have anything to do with HHMI funding. How will you know your changes have the effects you hope for in student learning?

At the end of the workshop, you will have an assessment plan for your curricular project, one that is simple, embedded in your course (and not added on) and which will work for your particular classes and classrooms. You can also expect to take away some specific ideas that you will find helpful throughout your teaching. And you will be contributing to the large campus efforts to assess student learning outcomes at the program and institutional level.

Lunch will be provided.

Registration Deadline: June 1, 2010 Note: This workshop is over.


Cherry Danielson, Office of Institutional Research and Assessment
Ellen Iverson, Science Education Resource Center
Mary Savina, Faculty Assessment Coordinator