Initial Publication Date: October 8, 2012

Deborah Gross and Debby Walser-Kuntz, Chemistry and Biology

Date of Report: 5/29/12

Equipment Purchased with the Award

DUSTTRAK II Aerosol Monitor 8532, TSI Inc.

Impact of Equipment on Teaching

This instrument has (so far) been used in two courses:
1. CHEM 100, Air Pollution and Human Health.
2. CHEM 329, Environmental Analysis Laboratory

In both cases, students deployed the instrument to measure particle concentrations in various locales -- the epitome of a complex, interdisciplinary system.

In CHEM 100, students worked on an ACE project that took them into the homes of various Northfield residents to characterize air quality in their homes during aspects of their daily lives. Students also measured particle concentrations in Northfield schools. A report was generated by the class and presented to various stakeholders. Students generated a variety of graphs of their data in order to better present the complex air quality data that they acquired in multiple locations.

In CHEM 329, the students embarked on a study of the air quality in the ceramics studio at Carleton. They deployed this instrument for real-time measurements while simultaneously collecting particulate matter on filters for additional analysis. They generated a report which was presented to the ceramics faculty, and includes multiple visualizations of the data.

Impact of Equipment on Research

All of my research involves interdisciplinary problems, so it has not changed as a result of the purchase of this instrument.

Materials Developed As A Result of Equipment Acquisition