Initial Publication Date: September 7, 2006

Pathways Through Introductory Science & Math Courses

Since December of 2004, a group of science and math faculty and staff have been working together to articulate, at the department level and more collectively, a range of "pathways" through the first two years of the Carleton curriculum for students with interest in science.

Clear and consistent information about a range of successful pathways has become increasingly important as our student body diversifies; students are arriving on campus with a larger range of educational and high-school backgrounds. These pathways can be used by students and advisors as courses are being selected. Information is also provided to first-year students prior to arrival on campus.

Members of the "Pathways Group" are:
  • Joe Chihade (Chemistry)
  • Debby Walser-Kuntz (Biology)
  • Amy Dalal (Computer Science/Math)
  • Bereket Haileab Geology)
  • Gretchen Hofmeister (Chemistry)
  • Arjendu Pattanayak (Physics & Astronomy)