Building the capacitiy for a robust STEM Teacher Preparation Program

Katherine Chen, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Program Description

The Teacher Preparation Program (TPP) in the STEM Education Center at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) is a distinctive program where WPI undergraduates earning a bachelor's degree in science, mathematics, or engineering can also obtain an initial teaching license in the state of Massachusetts, all within four years at the university. We are conducting design-based research on our teacher preparation program and local school system, and developing the infrastructure for our teacher candidates to be effective STEM teachers in high-need schools.

Program Purpose

Recruiting and training more STEM teachers at the secondary level.

To take a design-based research approach to understand the system and propose supports.

Program Goals

The project objectives are:
a) to utilize design-based research methods (including interviews and surveys) to elicit needs, strengths and opportunities for the TPP and partnerships with high-need schools
b) to review and revise recruitment strategies and the curriculum of the TPP at WPI
c) to develop high-need school/district partnerships for the practicum (or "clinical experience") and hiring of our TPP students and graduates.

Program Activities

Necessary Resources

grant funding, external consultant

Notes and Tips

Evidence of Success

Program Costs and ROI

Cost of this initiative in its first year (including start-up costs):
Average yearly costs to maintain this initiative:
Average number of individuals served per year by this initiative:
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Future Work

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