Initial Publication Date: May 10, 2021

Center for the Advancement of STEM Teaching & Learning Excellence (CASTLE)

The mission of The Center for the Advancement of STEM Teaching and Learning Excellence (CASTLE) is to affect institutional change in STEM teaching and learning across the educational spectrum by conducting, catalyzing and supporting fundamental research.

CASTLE, Drexel University
Established: 2014

Profile submitted by Adam Fontecchio, PhD

Vision and Goals

K-Faculty: Our initiatives focus on improving education across the spectrum from kindergarten through university faculty development, through programming inclusive of all levels of education and emphasizes faculty development.

Interdisciplinary: Our work is interdisciplinary by design, led by an interdisciplinary team, and respectful of discipline-specific differences. We believe there is strength in working across disciplines.

Stakeholder Driven: Our work is driven by the needs of and the efforts of our stakeholders. This is inclusive of the community we are building with faculty, students, administrators, partners, local community and national networks.

Diversity and Inclusion: Our initiatives emphasize use of pedagogical approaches known to be inclusive of all populations. An appreciation for diversity and inclusivity underlies our work.

Research Informs Practice: We believe in the use of evidence-based pedagogy, and in continually developing the evidence that particular pedagogical practices are effective.

Addresses Issues of National Need: Our work is cognizant of the national landscape of STEM pedagogy and the current issues in STEM T&L.


Center/Program Structure


Are there advantages of being structured this way?

Are there particular challenges that result from this structure?



How has this funding structure influenced the undergraduate STEM education programming the center offers?

What are the specific advantages of having a center funded in this way?

What are the challenges?

Has this funding structure has changed over time?

Description of Programming


Successes and Impacts


Evaluation and Assessment

How does your center demonstrate its value, both in terms of assessing its own programming and responding to external evaluation?

Elements Contributing to Success


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