Urban STEM Center

The mission of the Urban STEM Center (U-STEM) is to advance STEM education and research in urban schools and communities.

Curricular and Instructional Studies, University of Akron Main Campus
Established: 2018


Profile submitted by Karen Plaster & Nidaa Makki

Vision and Goals

To develop, implement, promote, and evaluate STEM education initiatives in urban learning environments.

(1) Collaborate with researchers and practitioners to develop and implement professional development in STEM teaching practices

(2) Expose and engage learners in STEM education experiences, and

(3) Research and evaluate local, state, and federally funded STEM-based programs

Center/Program Structure

The Urban STEM Center was founded in the fall of 2018 by 6 faculty members of the LeBron James Family Foundation College of Education. Currently two members are co-directors and the other four faculty members serve on a standing committee supporting the center.

Are there advantages of being structured this way?

Are there particular challenges that result from this structure?


Currently the center is supported by the LJFF College of Education. Our goal is to have it self supported in three years.

How has this funding structure influenced the undergraduate STEM education programming the center offers?

What are the specific advantages of having a center funded in this way?

What are the challenges?

Has this funding structure has changed over time?

Description of Programming

Successes and Impacts

Evaluation and Assessment

How does your center demonstrate its value, both in terms of assessing its own programming and responding to external evaluation?

Elements Contributing to Success

Supplemental Materials