Mercy College Center for STEM Education

To create opportunities for groups typically underrepresented in STEM to engage in enrichment activities for learning, career readiness, enjoyment, and personal and community growth, which may not be available through school districts.

Mercy College-Main Campus
Established: 2016

Profile submitted by Amanda M. Gunning and Meghan E. Marrero

Vision and Goals

Enrichment for students and families
Education for teachers
Partner with other STEM and education leaders in the community
Research on effective STEM education programming and teaching

Center/Program Structure

The Mercy College Center for STEM Education (CSE) is co-directed by Drs. Meghan Marrero and Amanda Gunning, who are also full-time faculty in the School of Education. The CSE employs one full-time administrative position, with robust duties, and a part-time researcher. The CSE operates independent of any school and reports to the provost's office.

Are there advantages of being structured this way?

Are there particular challenges that result from this structure?


How has this funding structure influenced the undergraduate STEM education programming the center offers?

What are the specific advantages of having a center funded in this way?

What are the challenges?

Has this funding structure has changed over time?

Description of Programming

Successes and Impacts

In a year and a half, we have accomplished:
Successful community outreach (100+ students, 80+ families; 9 districts across three counties)
Increased and streamlined in-service teacher education
Increasing interest
New outreach avenues
New/continued research opportunities
Additional partnerships for grant proposals

Evaluation and Assessment

How does your center demonstrate its value, both in terms of assessing its own programming and responding to external evaluation?
Our primary measures for value are the number of students and teachers who participate in our programs, which are research-based. We do not have an external evaluator.

Elements Contributing to Success

The CSE has been fostered through the co-directors garnering several large grants, which helped make community and district connections, as well as provide visibility and some funding.

Supplemental Materials