Division of Teaching and Learning

The mission of the Division of Teaching and Learning is to support and enrich the academic experiences of UCI students through instructional faculty, graduate student and educational infrastructure support.

University of California-Irvine

Established: 2015


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Vision and Goals

The UCI Division of Teaching and Learning strives to...
- encourage and support the adoption of evidence-based, effective teaching practices
- experiment with innovative instructional approaches and research the effectiveness of such teaching practices
- support the development, offering and continuous improvement of high quality online and hybrid courses for undergraduate, graduate, continuing education and open audience students
- provide high quality media services for campus educational, promotional and other media needs
- collaboratively support a robust learning platform and suite of educational technologies

Center/Program Structure

The Division of Teaching and Learning (DTL) is comprised of 5 sub-units:
- Center for Engaged Instruction
- Center for Instructional Design
- Media Services
- Center for Online Instruction Support
- Teaching and Learning Research Center
The division has 22 staff positions and is run by a faculty administrator. DTL is one of three divisions under the Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning.

Description of Programming

The Division of Teaching and Learning offers broad services in faculty development, instructional design, media services, educational technology management, and teaching and learning research support. Combined across the units, we conduct the activities of a typical STEM Education Center, including hosting targeted faculty learning communities, offering teaching workshops, facilitating discipline-based education research, and running special educational initiatives. We also collaborate with the Learning Academic Resource Center on STEM student support services.
The DTL works with all instructional faculty and graduate students, but within our STEM Education Center role we predominantly serve the approximately 300 faculty from our campus STEM departments.

Successes and Impacts

We are a new center and are looking forward to reporting our successes in the future!

Elements Contributing to Success

We have a newly created Vice Provost of Teaching and Learning, which has garnered this unit valuable administrative attention and inclusion in key educational activities of the university.

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