New Open Access Book | What Teaching Looks Like

published Jul 29, 2022 8:02am

This new volume (available with full text and images in digital, open access, creative commons format) includes numerous images depicting modern STEM teaching in US colleges and universities, and explores, in photographs and text, challenges and approaches to positive change in STEM teaching.

In addition to the book, supplemental resources are available online: guides to making photographs in higher education settings, using photographs to improve teaching, and group reading close reading/observation exercises with excerpted photos and prompts. The latter can be used to spark discussion and reflection with groups of instructors and others, in STEM fields and broadly.

Open access PDF and materials:

Table of Contents

Introduction: The Origins of The Teaching and Learning Project
Chapter 1: Classroom Interactions: The Heart of Teaching and Learning
Chapter 2: Student Perspectives: Views from the Back of the Class and Elsewhere
Chapter 3: Productive Chaos: The Messy Nature of Education
Chapter 4: The Physical and Technological Environment: The Where and How of Teaching
Chapter 5: Beyond Campus: Teaching and Learning in Context
Chapter 6: Hidden Work: Educational Labor Revealed
Chapter 7: Photographs and Change Agents: Campus Communities Encountering Themselves