Immediate Opening: Science Educator, IMD with focus on Equity and Social Justice

published Nov 18, 2020 7:22am

BSCS Science Learning is creating instructional materials for the Next Generation Science Standards that advance social and environmental justice through culturally sustaining, equitable, and inclusive approaches to teaching and learning. We have an immediate opening for a science educator to participate in this work. We seek a motivated, creative individual who shares our mission of improving science teaching and learning through research-driven innovation. Applicants should have expertise in the development of instructional materials and in educational practices that are equitable and inclusive of students from marginalized populations.
About BSCS Science Learning
BSCS Science Learning is an independent, nonprofit organization that develops, studies, and disseminates powerful approaches to science education. Our mission is to improve science teaching and learning through research-driven innovation. Founded in 1958, BSCS has brought the experience of inquiry learning to millions of students and teachers across the U.S. and around the world. Today, BSCS conducts research, develops instructional materials for elementary and secondary education, offers professional learning programs for teachers, and conducts leadership development programs for schools and districts. Underlying all this work is our continued commitment to providing all young people with equitable, inclusive, and just science learning opportunities.
The Role of Science Educators at BSCS
Science Educator is a position of substantial professional responsibility at BSCS. Science educators serve as key personnel on research and development projects, taking independent responsibility for one or more of the following: designing and developing instructional materials, developing and implementing professional learning programs, and conducting research on science teaching and learning. Often science educators serve as the intellectual or administrative lead for project teams. Science educators typically work on two or more projects at a time, and they often play different roles on different projects.
Responsibilities of this Position
The science educator in this position will play a central role in the design and development of one or more instructional programs. In this role, they will work closely with BSCS staff, classroom teachers, and independent contractors. They will be responsible for writing teacher and student materials and using instructional models that we have adopted for these programs and adhering to our development guidelines. This includes participating as a team member in the design process, identifying and using appropriate science resources that will support student learning (e.g., data, images, videos, simulations), writing teacher-facing and student-facing text, and assisting in the production process to finalize the materials. They will apply their expertise in supporting the voices and needs of marginalized populations both in the student role and in the teaching role to this work.
Abilities and Expertise
This position requires candidates to have expertise in both: the development of instructional materials for science; and the interests and social identities of marginalized populations and the obstacles to learning they face in formal and informal settings in the US. We recognize that both formal study and practical experience can be valuable sources of this expertise.

The following are desirable indicators of ability and expertise with respect to instructional materials:
(a) Experience developing instructional materials for elementary or secondary science;
(b) Understanding of three-dimensional, phenomenon-driven and problem-driven science teaching and learning as called for by the National Research Council's Framework for K-12 Science Education and the Next Generation Science Standards;
(c) Science content understanding and knowledge of how to teach disciplinary core ideas in one or more of the disciplines identified in the Next Generation Science Standards;
(d) Experience teaching science at the elementary or secondary level;
(e) Experience conducting educational design research or design-based implementation research.
The following are desirable indicators of ability and expertise with regard to the interests and social identities of marginalized populations and the obstacles they face in educational settings.
(a) Understanding of the interests and social identities of marginalized populations and the obstacles to learning they face in formal and informal settings in the US for one or more specific populations
(b) Experience working within underserved communities and with marginalized populations.
(c) Understanding of strategies for developing language and literacy with students designated as English Learners;
(d) Understanding of culturally sustaining pedagogies in general and how to apply them for one or more specific cultural identities in particular.
In addition, the successful candidate will be able to demonstrate the ability to
(a) collaborate effectively and inclusively across a variety of contexts;
(b) manage complex work and achieve specified goals within time and resource constraints.

At this time, expertise in either place-based learning or high school physics is particularly desirable, but neither is required to be considered for the position.

Essential Qualities
The following are required to function effectively in this position:
● A commitment to improving science education;
● A commitment to equity and social justice in education;
● Strong internal motivation;
● Flexibility and openness;
● Excellent writing and oral communication skills.
Additional Information about the Position
Salary range: The full-time, annual salary range for this position is $80-95,000, depending on experience and qualifications.
We are open to either local or remote work arrangements for this position. Preference will be given to applicants who live in the Colorado Springs region or are willing to relocate here.
This position requires public speaking and travel.

BSCS's Commitment to Social and Environmental Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
BSCS is committed to advancing science learning that is inclusive, meaningful, and advances the work of social and environmental justice. To learn more, visit
BSCS Science Learning is committed to the recruitment of a diverse staff so that we can bring the broadest possible range of perspectives to our mission of improving science teaching and learning for a diverse audience. We are an equal opportunity employer. All applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to age, race, sex, color, religion, national origin, disability (physical and/or mental), sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, veteran status, military obligations, marital status, pregnancy, genetic information, or any status protected by federal, state, or local law.
BSCS as a Workplace
BSCS offers competitive compensation and a generous package of benefits, as well as a flexible and inclusive work environment, with a strong commitment to the professional growth of all staff. Our benefits for full-time staff include 26 days a year of paid time off, medical and dental insurance, and a generous retirement plan.
As a nonprofit research and development organization, BSCS's work is funded through a combination of government and foundation grants, service contracts from school districts and other education-focused institutions, licensing revenue, and charitable donations.
BSCS's offices are in Colorado Springs, ranked #4 in US News & World Report's 2020 Best Places to Live. Located along the Front Range of the Rockies one hour south of Denver, Colorado Springs is known for a mild climate, a vibrant arts community, and year-round outdoor recreation.
For additional information about BSCS and our work, prospective applicants are encouraged to review the BSCS web site (
To Apply:
Applicants should send the following items to Please put "Science Educator, Equity Focus" in the subject line.
1. Resume or curriculum vitae.
2. Educational Statement (1-2 pages) that describes (1) relevant prior experiences in instructional materials development and teaching; (2) your views about teaching and learning in science education and how they have been shaped by your educational, personal, and/or professional experiences.
3. Diversity, Inclusion, and Social Justice Statement (1-2 pages) that describes (1) relevant prior experience responding to the interests, social identities, and obstacles to learning faced by marginalized populations, and (2) your views about equity, inclusion, and social justice in science education and how they have been shaped by your educational, personal, and/or professional experiences.
4. Instructional materials sample. Please include a sample of instructional materials on which you were the lead author or a significant co-author. If possible, include both teacher and student materials. Please limit the sample to 25 pages.
5. Cover letter. In your cover letter, please indicate the following: (1) why you are interested in this position at BSCS science learning; (2) what grade levels and disciplines you feel qualified to develop instructional materials for; and (3) whether you desire to work locally in Colorado Springs or remotely.
We will begin reviewing applications on November 30, 2020 and will continue to accept and review applications until the position is filled.