Environmental Visualization Research Assistant Professor

published Feb 2, 2018 9:01am
The Freshman Research Immersion (FRI) program at Binghamton University will hire a Research Assistant Professor, to begin August 13, 2018. This full-time position is for a three-year duration and candidates must have graduate degree before starting. This is a 10 month non-tenure track faculty position, with additional extra service commitment for two-summer weeks. This position is for Environmental Visualization (open to Ph.D.'s with geospatial and remote sensing background on research in one or more of these areas – Geography, Geology, Environmental Sciences/Studies, Archaeology).
FRI Environmental Visualization (aka Geospatial Remote Sensing) is a program in which a Research Assistant Professor guides freshmen and sophomores in innovative research that advances the field of environmental visualization. The Research Assistant Professor shapes the research theme. For example, past FRI cohorts have employed sophisticated techniques under the guidance of the Research Assistant Professor conducting research in that stream's area. Essentially, this position will entail teaching large numbers of college students (~30 per cohort) how to conduct authentic research and, in doing so, will help students develop the professional skills desired by graduate schools and employers. Within that process and working with a faculty advisory team, the Research Assistant Professor maintains and/or expands his/her research program. The Research Assistant Professor reports to the FRI Director, and also works closely with the faculty sponsoring-team of this research stream. Overall, FRI provides an excellent training program for new PhDs and, thus, is an exceptional transition that positions the Research Assistant Professors for a wider array of future STEM positions (from full range of higher education institutions to STEM education research).
Information about the FRI program and the faculty team for this research stream: http://binghamton.edu/freshman-research-immersion/streams/current-research-streams/index.html
- Oversee daily research activities of the research stream
- Work with a faculty team to design and implement course materials for the research stream (e.g., lab manual, lab protocols, YouTube for procedures, and so forth)
- Coordinate with faculty team to plan and deliver mini-lectures for the research stream courses
- Oversee the operation of the research stream laboratory (e.g., with undergraduate peer mentors)
- Help FRI students with their projects
- Serve as a mentor to the FRI students
- Facilitate formative and summative assessments of the research stream and FRI students
- Participate in a weekly FRI training and preparatory session
- Assist with administrative work of the FRI program (e.g., tracking student progress and completion in the FRI)
- Co-teach FRI Research Methods Seminar (course delivered in flipped mode) with other FRI staff
- Additional summer responsibilities may be contracted for extra payment (e.g., conducting NSF-REU-type program, working on grant research)
Strong candidates must have:
- Graduate degree in a discipline that matches the research stream goals
- Minimum of two years of experience as a teaching assistant in higher education
- Ability to train undergraduate researchers and evaluate their work
- Ability to train, evaluate and supervise graduate teaching assistants and undergraduate peer mentor assistants
- Ability to manage a research laboratory
- Effective communication skills
- Proficiency with Microsoft Office suite and web access software
- Ability to manage multiple projects and timelines simultaneously with a high degree of accuracy and efficiency
- Ability to work both autonomously and collaboratively
- Strong professional, organizational and interpersonal skills
- Ability to speak, write and communicate in an articulate and successful manner
- Ability to problem solve, prioritize, and manage multiple tasks
- Ability to analyze and organize information and materials for a variety of research projects
Please submit as separate documents:
1. Cover letter (1 page maximum) telling us why you are interested in the position, why you feel you are qualified, and your contact information
2. Curriculum vita
3. Contact information for three references, then letters of recommendation will be requested upon application submission via http://binghamton.interviewexchange.com
4. Your philosophy of teaching undergraduates how to conduct research (250-500 words)
Review of applications begins February 1st 2018 and continues until the position is filled. Electronic applications are required; please submit your application materials to: Interview Exchange via Binghamton University.

The State University of New York and Binghamton University are Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employers.