Service Learning Projects

Do you teach using a service learning project? We encourage you to add it to this collection by contributing an activity or describing your service learning course.


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Natural Hazards & Climate Change Risks part of Activities
Sarah Fortner, Carleton College
× Students characterize how climate change impacts natural hazards and pose research-based solutions to the county Emergency Management Agency. Presentations require the use of local data, created figures, ...

Student-Generated Earth Science Podcasts for a Community Partner part of Activities
Laura Guertin, Penn State Brandywine
A semester-long audio recording project, defined by the needs of a community organization, engages students in not only learning new content but sharing their new knowledge beyond classroom walls (and beyond the ...

Personal temperature monitoring to build context for climate justice and community decisions. part of Activities
Sarah Fortner, Carleton College
Climate change is often presented in disconnection from human experiences central to equitable and just decision making. In this activity students use PocketLab temperature probes to collect and analyze data on ...

Integration of Service Learning in Online Geoscience Courses part of Activities
Jennifer Nelson, Purdue University-Main Campus
Students in our online, introductory geoscience courses are given the opportunity to participate in an environmental service learning project, led by the Center for Earth and Environmental Science (, ...

Monitoring Lead in an Urban Community Garden part of Activities
Jennifer Latimer, Indiana State University
Each spring, students in a 300-level field course collect samples from urban community gardens to monitor soil lead concentrations.

Global Climate Change part of Courses
Sarah Fortner, Carleton College
× Consequences of global climate change already include: increased drought, heat waves, flood intensity, glacial retreat, and sea level rise. Solutions are needed to reduce human impact on our climate system ...

Put Some Blue In Your Green School part of Activities
Bridget Cameron, Texas Water Development Board; Linda McCall, Texas Water Development Board
Put Some Blue In Your Green School is a service learning project to help schools become efficient water users and to raise awareness about the need for good stewardship practices for water resources within the ...

Extra credit beach cleanup: Service Learning in action part of Activities
Al Trujillo, Palomar College
For this extra credit beach cleanup, students help clean local beaches for 3 hours as part of an organized beach cleanup event. This is also a Service Learning activity.

Rainwater Harvesting Service Learning Project part of Activities
Linda McCall, Texas Water Development Board
× Students will gain an understanding of the history, benefits, and components of a rainwater harvesting system and partner with community members to design and build a rainwater harvesting system for their ...

The Human side of geologic hazards part of Activities
Renee Faatz, Snow College
Students respond in a charitable way to geological or weather related disasters.