Initial Publication Date: February 8, 2014

Workshop Outcomes

Resource web pages:


Teaching activities:


  • Participant Share Fair Presentations -- each participant participated in a teaching-activity Share Fair and uploaded their materials for sharing online during and after
  • Peer review of over 85 teaching activities (a review that elevates exemplary activities to the top of search lists)
  • Contribution of 115 new online resources including syllabi, visualizations, and activities



  • An email list and Facebook page devoted to the development and support of an ongoing network of faculty teaching oceanography
  • Individual action plans to incorporate active learning techniques, Web-based strategies, and real data sets
  • Website with links to workshop presentations, discussion summaries, teaching activity collections, and related online resources.
  • An upcoming Journal of Geoscience Education Oceanography theme issue highlighting tested best-practice techniques in teaching Introductory Oceanography.
  • ASLO February 2014 Presentation: Workshop Outcomes (Acrobat (PDF) 2.1MB Feb14 14)



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