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References for the Workshop

We have asked each catalyst presenter to provide at least one background reference for his/her topic. Please use these references as needed to bone up before the workshop.

Catalyst Session #1: Sedimentary Processes on Mars

From Ron Greeley:

From Margie Chan:

Catalyst Session #2: Water, Ice, and Climate Change

From Brian Hynek:

Catalyst Session #3: Rock Compositions Using TES, THEMIS, APXS, Mossbauer

From Phil Christensen:

From Jeff Moersch: you will receive hard copy in the mail.

Catalyst Session #4: Volcanoes, structural geology, and tectonics on Mars


From Trent Hare:

Structural Geology and Geophysics

From Eric Grosfils:


From Tracy Gregg and Susan Sakimoto:

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