References for the Workshop

We have asked each catalyst presenter to provide at least one background reference for his/her topic. Please use these references as needed to bone up before the workshop.

Catalyst Session #1: Sedimentary Processes on Mars

From Ron Greeley:

  • Greeley, R. et al., 2006, Gusev crater: wind-related features and processes observed by the Mars Exploration Rover, Spirit: J. Geophys. Res., vol 111, E02S09, doi:10.1029/2005JE002491.
  • Greeley, R. et al., 1992, Martian aeolian processes, sediments, and features, in Kieffer, H. H., et al., eds., Mars: Tucson, Univ. Arizona Press, p. 730-766.

From Margie Chan:

  • Squyres, S.W. et al., 2004, In situ evidence for an ancient aqueous environment at Meridiani Planum, Mars: Science, v. 306, no. 5702, p. 1709-1714.
  • Bell, J.F. et al., 2004, Pancam multispectral imaging results from the Opportunity Rover at Meridiani Planum: Science, v. 306, no. 5702, p. 1703-1709.
  • Chan, M. A., Beitler Bowen, B., Parry, W. T., Ormo, J. and Komatsu, G., 2005, Red rock and red planet diagenesis: comparisons of Earth and Mars concretions: GSA Today, v. 15, no.8, p. 4-10.
Catalyst Session #2: Water, Ice, and Climate Change

From Brian Hynek:

  • Hynek, Brian M. and Phillips, Roger J., 2003, New data reveal mature, integrated drainage systems on Mars indicative of past precipitation: Geology, v. 31, no. 9, p. 757-760.
  • Jakosky, Bruce M. and Phillips, Roger J., 2001, Mars' volatile and climate history: Nature, v. 412, p. 237-244.
Catalyst Session #3: Rock Compositions Using TES, THEMIS, APXS, Mossbauer

From Phil Christensen:

  • Christensen, P.R., and S.W. Ruff, 2004, The formation of the hematite-bearing unit in Meridiani Planum: Evidence for deposition in standing water: J. Geophys. Res., 109, E08003, doi:10.1029/2003JE002233.
  • Christensen, P.R., H.Y. McSween, Jr., J.L. Bandfield, S.W. Ruff, A.D. Rogers, V.E. Hamilton, N. Gorelick, M.B. Wyatt, B.M. Jakosky, H.H. Kieffer, M.C. Malin, and J.E. Moersch, 2005, Evidence for igneous diversity and magmatic evolution on Mars from infrared spectral observations: Nature, v. 436, p. 504-509.

From Jeff Moersch: you will receive hard copy in the mail.

Catalyst Session #4: Volcanoes, structural geology, and tectonics on Mars


From Trent Hare:

Structural Geology and Geophysics

From Eric Grosfils:

  • Okubo, C.H., and R.A. Schultz, 2004, Mechanical stratigraphy in the western equatorial region of Mars based on thrust fault-related fold topography and implications for near-surface volatile reservoirs: Geological Society of America Bulletin, v. 116, p. 594-605.
  • Schultz, R.A., J.M. Moore, E.B. Grosfils, K.L. Tanaka, and D. Mege, in press, The Canyonlands Model for Planetary Grabens: Revised Physical Basis and Implications, in Chapman, M.G. and Skilling, I.P., The Geology of Mars: Evidence from Earth-Based Analogues: Cambridge University Press.This piece is not yet in print, and the authors have kindly agreed to allow us to distribute a pre-print to workshop participants.

From Tracy Gregg and Susan Sakimoto:

  • Zuber, M.T., 2001, The crust and mantle of Mars, Nature 412:220 - 227. [This is a very general article that covers more than just volcanology, but is a great background.
  • Hauber, E. and others, 2005, Discovery of a flank caldera and very young glacial activity at Hecates Tholus, Mars, Nature 434:356-361.
  • Glaze, Lori S., Baloga, Stephen M., Volcanic plume heights on Mars; limits of validity for convective models, Journal of Geophysical Research, E, Planets , 107 (10), p. 11, 2002.
  • Baloga, Stephen M., Mouginis-Mark, Peter J., Glaze, Lori S., Rheology of a long lava flow at Pavonis Mons, Mars, Journal of Geophysical Research, E, Planets, 108 (7), p. 10, 2003.
  • Mustard, J.F. and others, 2005, Olivine and pyroxene diversity in the crust of Mars, Science 307(5715):1594-1597.

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