Key Questions about the Early Earth

This glowing cloud of orange material is a birthplace of stars.

These questions pose some of the great mysteries of the early formation of our planet and present wonderful opportunities for teaching about the process of science.

Understanding the early Earth presents some unique challenges for teaching Earth science. The geologic record is mostly missing, we're looking through "deep time," and there is no guarantee that Earth processes operated by the same mechanisms or rates as those observed today (the present may not be the key to the distant past). The compositions of the crust, oceans and atmospheres have evolved over geologic time, and the genesis and evolution of life has had a profound effect on the operation of the Earth system. As a result, many competing models have emerged regarding the early history of the Earth. This provides a very rich intellectual environment to train young scientists.

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This material was contributed by participants in the 2007 workshop on Teaching About the Early Earth. A related list of questions and answers was developed in preparation for the workshop and can be viewed on the workshop questions page.