Pre-Workshop Assignment

A significant part of the workshop program will involve participants working together in small groups to develop a STELLA modeling exercise. Groups will have about two hours to develop a complete exercise, ready to be published to the SERC teaching activity collection, so we would like participants to come to the workshop with an idea for a modeling exercise already in mind. While not all of these exercises will be developed at the workshop, we hope that participants will propose an array of problems or phenomena from which we might select those most likely to come to fruition (or close to it) in the time allotted for the small group work.

Please use the links below to see the ideas from other participants, to search our existing collection of STELLA activities, and to share your modeling activity idea. Please include figures, drawings, or flowcharts that illustrate the process or phenomenon you are proposing to model and also link(s) to supporting data. For example, if you were proposing to model the global nitrogen cycle, you might include data on the sizes of various reservoirs and the fluxes between them, along with a sketch of the cycle.

The deadline for sharing your idea is December 1, 2010.


If you have a numerical model or models (using STELLA or any other modeling software) that you would like to share in our online collection, please upload it here: share a numerical model.