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Observation and Travel Stipend Applications

Note: You must be a certified Cutting Edge RTOP observer to qualify for this grant.

Beginning in late 2012, the WIDER supplemental grant allows On the Cutting Edge to provide $200 observation stipends to certified RTOP observers. Stipends are available for observers who complete observations and submit all required data (including the pre-observation interview, a copy of the course syllabus, and an annotated score sheet with observer reflections; it also involves ensuring that the instructor who was observed completes the participant survey form). A limited number of travel stipends are also available to observers who are willing to travel to perform additional observations. Funds are available on a sliding scale, with a minimum of three observations to qualify (3 observations will receive up to 30% of the maximum travel allowance and each additional observation will increase that percentage by 10 points to a maximum of 10 observations/100%). These observations also qualify for the $200 stipend if they fill gaps in our data set.

Please obtain approval before making the observations. Preference will be given to those observations that will help fill gaps in the demographic characteristics of our dataset. Fortunately for you, there are several eligible criteria that place a course or instructor on the preferred list, for example, we encourage you to consider:
  • Courses taught by early- (0-3 years teaching experience) or mid-career faculty (4-9 years teaching experience)
  • Courses taught by Adjunct or Assistant Professors
  • Large (80+ students) classes
  • Courses taught at Associates- or Bachelors-granting institutions.
    Note: we are using institutional Carnegie classifications. You can check the institution classification on the Carnegie Foundation institution lookup (opens in a new window). Search and click to view the institution of choice; the institution type is listed in the category that pertains to the 'basic' classification in the results.

Cutting Edge staff are available to work with you to help set up the observations and to identify potential instructors for observations in your region. Please begin this process by filling out the form below. Once you have completed the form, we will first determine if the suggested observations fill gaps in the dataset.

For individual observations, we will work with you to schedule the observation. After all data, including the participant survey have been submitted, you will receive the $200 payment. There is no minimum or maximum number of observations for an individual observer, however, you must receive approval for each observation. You will not receive funds if you did not receive approval prior to making the observation.

Travel stipends are available for two to three day trips that will yield 10 observations. Please indicate below the area you would like to visit and the faculty there you think will be amenable to observation. We will then work with you to schedule these observations and to identify and schedule other observations bringing the total to 10. Once all 10 observations are scheduled we will make travel arrangements for you. Your 10 observations will also qualify for the individual stipends listed above, so upon completion of your ten observations, you will receive a $2000 stipend in addition to your travel stipend (up to $500 for car or $1200 for air).

Observation Details

Please provide details for the faculty and courses you would like to observe and which attributes they have that qualify for the Wider grant:

  • Sophomore/Junior/Senior courses for geoscience majors such as structural geology, mineralogy, geophysics etc.
  • Courses taught by early- (0-3 years teaching experience) or mid-career faculty (4-9 years teaching experience)
  • Courses taught by Adjunct or Assistant Professors
  • Medium (31-79 students) or large (80+ students) classes
  • Courses taught at Associates-, Bachelors- or Masters-granting institutions (as defined by the Carnegie Foundation).

If you have more than 5 faculty in your plan, please complete this form twice. If you have fewer than 5 observations, leave extra fields blank.

Observation 1

Observation 2

Observation 3

Observation 4

Observation 5

When do you plan on making your observations (check all that apply)?

I acknowledge that: If I am chosen to receive supplemental funding from the WIDER grant, I agree to make all observations using the agreed upon schedule schedule. I understand that I will receive $200 payment upon receipt of complete data for the observation. I understand that for travel stipends, additional faculty observations will be scheduled to meet the 10 observation quota. I understand that I must complete at least 10 observations over the course of 2-3 days to receive my $2000 stipend and travel reimbursement.