Knowledge Survey Questions - Sedimentology and Stratigraphy

Bloom's Taxonomy Level - 1

  • What is the definition of a formation?

Bloom's Taxonomy Level - 2

  • Outline the basic descriptive parameters needed to characterize sedimentary rocks in detail.
  • Compare and contrast braided and meandering fluvial systems, both in the modern and in the rock record.
  • Compare and contrast lithostratigraphy, biostratigraphy, and chronostratigraphy.
  • Identify the major rock-forming minerals common to siliciclastic rocks.

Bloom's Taxonomy Level - 3

  • Explain why the stratigraphic records of transgression and regression are commonly disproportionate (asymmetrical)?
  • Explain how regression might occur during relative sea-level rise.
  • Measure a stratigraphic section through well exposed outcrop.
  • Describe how you would draft a detailed measured section.

Bloom's Taxonomy Level - 4

  • Explain the concepts of transgression and regression.
  • Explain how climate can be inferred from sedimentary deposits.
  • Explain the nature of the stratigraphic record to a non-geologist, with emphasis on rocks vs. time.
  • Generate a cross section through a basin using sedimentological data (several measured sections).
  • How can sedimentary rocks and fossils be used to reconstruct the history of a basin?
  • Design a study that uses a stylolitic seam to estimate the extent of carbonate dissolution in the cliffs along the Mississippi River.
  • Design a study that reveals the types of evaporite minerals that might form in a land-locked (evaporating) marine basin.

Bloom's Taxonomy Level - 5

  • Design a study that links bedforms to their sedimentary structures.
  • Design a study that uses texture, mineralogy, and sedimentary structures to infer the history of a sedimentary rock.
  • Design a study that uses sandstone petrology to decipher tectonic provenance of sedimentary rocks.
  • Compare and contrast sequence stratigraphy with other types of stratigraphic analysis.
  • Explain why it is difficult to extend sequence stratigraphic methodology into terrestrial strata.

Bloom's Taxonomy Level - 6

  • Explain the significance of the facies concept.
  • Evaluate alluvial architecture in relation to basin subsidence.