Knowledge Survey Questions - Planetary Geology

Bloom's Taxonomy Level - 1

  • How old is our solar system?
  • What is the approximate age of the Universe?

Bloom's Taxonomy Level - 2

  • How old is the Milky way Galaxy and how do we know?
  • How does the temperature and density of Venus' atmosphere affect its topography and crater distribution?
  • Compare primary, secondary, and tertiary planetary crusts.
  • Explain the currently favored model for the origin of the moon?

Bloom's Taxonomy Level - 3

  • Design an experiment to study the relationships between impactor size, velocity, density and crater diameter. Make sure that your experimental design will provide estimates of errors.
  • Provided an image of the surface of Mars, interpret the geologic evolution of that region.

Bloom's Taxonomy Level - 4

  • Classify the elements in the periodic table according to their mode of origin.
  • Compare the composition of the sun, solar system, and universe.
  • Contrast the composition of the terrestrial planets with the giant planets.
  • Describe the relationship between the size of a planet and its geological evolution.

Bloom's Taxonomy Level - 5

  • Summarize the evidence for liquid water on the ancient surface of Mars. What implications does this have for past climate and atmosphere?

Bloom's Taxonomy Level - 6

  • Evaluate the evidence and arguments for and against plate tectonics on Venus.
  • Evaluate the statement "there must be life elsewhere in the Universe."