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Teaching about Water

Concepts on this page were derived from faculty discussions at the workshop, Systems, Society, Sustainability and the Geosciences, held in July 2012. Find examples of activities or courses for teaching about water.
One of the goals of the InTeGrate project is to pursue teaching that crosses disciplinary boundaries. Water is perhaps the ideal medium for this exploration. Topics related to water transcend just about all fields of study including the sciences, human health, sociology, economics, history, philosophy and art. Students and faculty alike can benefit from using water as a theme for cross-discipline collaboration.

Where does teaching about water fit into the curriculum?

The subject of water can fit into many types of courses and activities and there are many pathways to introduce water and sustainability themes into a wide range of contexts.

Some examples of interdisciplinary approaches to teaching about water include:

Effective strategies for teaching about water in different disciplines:

Pedagogic possibilities for teaching about water are as dynamic and varied as the medium itself. See the activity collection or course collection for more ideas, such as:

Opportunities to strengthen teaching about water

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