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Connect to the World We Live In

Engaging students with real examples can stimulate their interest and help them see the relevance of the content and skills they learn in the classroom. The pedagogic approaches described below can be used to make and strengthen these connections, both in and out of the classroom. Further, the experience gained in using these methods to conduct research and collect, analyze, and synthesize data, can be beneficial in preparing students for the workforce.
Why tie sustainability topics
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Pedagogic Approaches: Teach Sustainability Using Data and Real Examples

Service learning, using real examples (at the local, national, and global scale), and field work are some of the pedagogies that lend themselves to strengthening the connection between the knowledge and skills students learn in the classroom to the outside world, including the community and workforce. The pages linked below describe how each method can be implemented at a variety of scales, environments, and disciplines. They also provide tips on how to incorporate sustainability topics into your course using these methods as well as links to related materials that describe the method in more depth. The example activities and courses provided on these pages can be used wholesale or can be modified to fit your classroom. Read more about the importance of making these connections on: Why Tie Sustainability Topics into Real World Examples?.

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