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Workshop Planning

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Workshops by their nature require planning by a team that spans the expertise needed to fully engage the topic and includes experts in workshop planning. The following process is used by InTeGrate to effectively design workshops.

  1. Plan the program. Using electronic and phone communications, the workshop co-conveners will review and refine the workshop goals. They will then create a workshop program meeting these goals. The co-conveners will also identify workshop leaders able to execute the various aspects of the program, as well as participants who should be encouraged to apply for the workshop.
  2. Advertise. All conveners will take responsibility for encouraging applications within the specific target community, selecting the participants and developing the program materials.
  3. Website. A website with resources will be developed to support the workshop, which will eventually support the overall InTeGrate project. The conveners provide recommendations for how the workshop results should be represented in the website and review the final pages.

Workshop Expectations

All workshops are expected to:
  1. Developing teaching materials and evaluation of new teaching resources and instructional strategies,
  2. Implementation programs to incorporate geoscience throughout the curriculum,
  3. Professional development and dissemination strategies to promote widespread adoption of these new approaches.

Role of Workshop Conveners

Workshop conveners are an integral part of the workshop planning, implementation and dissemination of results. Conveners are selected because of their expertise in the topical area of the workshop and their leadership in communities the workshop seeks to engage. Workshop conveners are expected to:

In our experience, workshop conveners engage in four-six one-hour phone conversations in advance of the workshop, spend about 8 hours of time assisting with workshop advertising, recruitment of speakers, and planning for presentations, attend the full workshop including a meeting taking place during the afternoon prior to the workshop, and spend about one day writing articles or making presentations after the workshop.

Workshop Participant Roles

These roles should be made clear in the workshop information prior to application.

Designing Effective Workshops

From the experinece of the On the Cutting Edge project, the following effective practices form the foundation of workshop design, planning, and delivery.