About the GETSI Project

Over the last two decades, technical advances in geodesy – the study of the size, shape, and mass of the Earth and their changes with time – have revolutionized our understanding of Earth processes and produced discoveries of major societal impact related to climate change, water resource management, and mitigation of natural hazards. Teaching resources have simply not kept pace with advances in geodesy, both for introductory and majors-level undergraduate courses. GETSI was born out of requests from geoscience faculty for more resources with which to educate future citizens and future geoscience professionals on the power and breadth of geodetic methods to address critical topics. This diverse toolbox of methods includes GPS, gravity measurements, laser ranging, sea level altimetry, and more.

The project is collaborative between UNAVCO, Mt San Antonio College, and Indiana University. In the current round of funding the GETSI project will be developing four ~2-week modules featuring geodetic data applied to societally important issues (climate change, natural hazards, water resources, etc.) – two modules each for introductory and majors-level courses.

The benefits/goals of this project include:

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The project is funded by the National Science Foundation's Transforming Undergraduate Education in STEM program with the Education and Human Resources Directorate (DUE-1245025).

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