Ben Crosby

Department of Geosciences

Idaho State University

Professor and Chair; Geomorphology

Workshop Leader, Website Contributor

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Unit 2: Kinematic GPS/GNSS Methods part of High Precision Positioning with Static and Kinematic GPS
The application of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) in the earth sciences has become commonplace. GNSS data can be collected rapidly and compared in common reference frames. Real-time kinematic (RTK) GNSS ...

On the Cutting Edge Exemplary Collection This activity is part of the On the Cutting Edge Exemplary Teaching Activities collection.
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GETSI Developed This material was developed and reviewed through the GETSI curricular materials development process.
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Activities (2)

Hydraulic Geometry in the Greys River Watershed part of Geomorphology:Activities
Following lectures regarding catchment hydrology and fluvial processes, students complete a two day field analysis of a watershed from headwaters to outlet, measuring fluvial parameters such as channel geometry, ...

Dam the Wilderness: Building "Green Hydropower" on Big Creek part of Geomorphology:Activities
Students exercise knowledge of how dams impact physical and biological systems to try to design a dam that minimizes its impacts while still meeting power production and water diversion requirements.

Course (1)

Geomorphology part of Course Design:Goals Database
Course introduces surface processes to students through process-based lectures and discussion, laboratories and field excursions.

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Finding the Silver Lining: Positive outcomes from the pivot to virtual for instructor professional development and teaching resources in classroom and field geoscience part of Earth Educators Rendezvous:Previous Rendezvous:Rendezvous 2022:Program:Oral Sessions:Thursday Oral Session B
GETSI (GEodesy Tools for Societal Issues) is an NSF-funded program that develops and disseminates data-rich and societally relevant curriculum for undergraduate field and classroom teaching ...

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River Knickpoints: Distinguishing Between Mobile and Fixed Steps in River Channels part of Vignettes:Vignette Collection
Benjamin Crosby Idaho State University Location Continent: South Pacific Country: New Zealand State/Province: North Island City/Town: Gisborne UTM coordinates and datum: none Setting Climate Setting: Humid ...