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ConcepTest Examples


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ConcepTest: Plate Tectonic Theory part of Examples
Which of the following statements is not consistent with plate tectonic theory? a. Continental crust is generally older than oceanic crust. b. The number of plates has changed through time. c. Mountain chains are ...

ConcepTest: Characteristics of the Ocean Floor part of Examples
What is the relationship between age and the character of the ocean floor? Which statement is TRUE? a. Deeper regions of the ocean floor tend to be younger b. The Pacific is larger than the Atlantic because it ...

ConcepTest: Location of Deep Earthquakes part of Examples
Where will deep earthquakes occur most frequently in the plate tectonic setting shown below?

ConcepTest: Rock Sample Observation part of Examples
Imagine that all minerals found in igneous rocks were the same color. What information would you no longer be able to infer from observing a rock sample? a. magma cooling rate b. composition c. texture

ConcepTest: Igneous Process Identification part of Examples
An ice cube melting in hot tea is analogous to which igneous process? a. fractional crystallization. b. assimilation. c. partial melting. d. intrusion.

Conceptest: CFCs and ozone part of Examples
Analyze the following student descriptions of the relationship between CFCs and ozone. Which is the best? a. CFCs are manufactured gases that destroy the ozone layer and produce oxygen. b. Chlorine forms from the ...

Conceptest: Ozone umbrella analogy part of Examples
Which statement is the best analogy? A. An umbrella is to rain as the stratosphere is to solar radiation. B. An umbrella is to rain as the stratosphere is to ultraviolet radiation. C. An umbrella is to rain as the ...

Conceptest: Permeability and cone of depression part of Examples
Two wells (A and B) are drilled into rocks that have the same porosity, but the rocks around well A have a higher permeability than these around well B. Suppose both wells are pumped at the same rate. Which ...

ConcepTest: Drivers of Ocean Salinity Variations part of Examples
Imagine ocean circulation stopped suddenly, with half of the world's salts in the northern hemisphere and half in the southern hemisphere. Assuming no net difference between evaporation and precipitation ...

Conceptest: Cooling rate of Igneous Rocks part of Examples
What is the most likely cooling rate and composition of a light colored, small grained igneous rock? A. Cooled rapidly, low silica B. Cooled rapidly, high silica C. Cooled slowly, low silica D. Cooled slowly, high ...

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