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Bathymetry Visualizations

Compiled by Jen Millner (more info) at Montana State University (more info)

Find models and animations about the bathymetry of the ocean floor.

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International Bathymetric Chart of the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico These illustrations present three views of the bathymetry of the Gulf of Mexico. The first shows depth in colored relief, the second provides a more detailed view of coastal and sea floor topography, and the third shows precise undersea features and provides the names of each. Images may be zoomed in and out for better viewing.

NGDC Coastal Relief Model (more info) This gridded database provides an interactive shaded relief map of the entire coastal zone of the conterminous US, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Click on an area of coastline for a more detailed map, then click on 1 degree square blocks for even greater detail. Images may be zoomed in and out depending on what scale the viewer requires.

Animated Tour of Monterey Bay (more info) This interactive QuickTime movie allows viewers to zoom and pan 360 degrees to see the dramatic sea floor topography that underlies Monterey Bay.

International Bathymetric Chart of the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico (more info) This image by the USGS Pacific Sea Floor Mapping Project shows the complex and rugged nature of the continental margin off the coast of Los Angeles, CA. The image may be useful for examining erosiona and deposition on the continental shelf, as well as identifying sediment transport pathways or areas of potential mass movement.

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