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Ned Gardiner

NOAA's Climate Program Office
c/o NCDC 151 Patton Avenue Room 468
Asheville, NC 28801

Science Bulletins
American Museum of Natural History
Central Park West at 79th Street
New York, NY 10024-5192
Voice: 212 313 7564

I have been processing global infrared mosaics from geostationary satellites as part of a museum display system. The project hinges on collaboration with NOAA meteorologists, who choose events to highlight. Science Bulletins, in turn, annotates and describes these events through video production methods. We annotate tropical cyclones very frequently. In this example, we have highlighted Hurricane Ike and Typhoon Hagupit, thus providing examples in the Atlantic and Pacific basins.
Recent Tropical Cyclones
If you click on the red plus sign in the lower left, you'll have an option to download the movie file, which looks much better than the piece produced for the web.

These global IR videos are updated every two weeks and draw on 30-minute interval data that span a 28-day period for any given news production cycle.

We also incorporate higher-resolution versions of these animations in our programming related to biodiversity. For example, we addressed the effects of Cyclone Nargis on coastal human populations:

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