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Workshop Participants

Luciana Astiz , University of California-San Diego
Bruce Beaudoin , New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
Cemal Biryol, University of Arizona
Jose Faustino Blanco Chia, Servicio Geologico Colombiano
Wendy Calvin , University of Nevada-Reno
Ken Creager , University of Washington
Cristina Dimate , Universidad Nacional de Colombia
Erica Emry , Penn State University
Florian Fuchs , University of Bonn
Jorden Hayes , University of Wyoming
Rachel Heckels , Victoria University of Wellington
William Holt , Stony Brook University
Ellen Lamont , University of Connecticut
Come Lefebvre , University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Satish Maurya , Institut de Physicque de Globe de Paris
John Reed , US Geological Survey
Badie Rowshandel, California Earthquake Authority/California Geological Survey
Ayda Shokoohi , Razi Rutgers University-New Brunswick
Adrian Stanciu , University of Florida
Carolyn Tewksbury-Christle, University of Tennessee/US Air Force Academy
Carl Ulberg , University of Washington-Seattle Campus
Susan van der Lee, Northwestern University

Workshop Conveners and Staff

Michael Wysession, Washington University, St. Louis
John McDaris, Science Education Resource Center, Carleton College

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