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Common Questions about Teaching with Climate Models - A summary of Tuesday's discussion

Below is a summary of the Tuesday group discussion: Opportunity for reflection: What have you learned? What do we still need to work on, as a group, in developing or utilizing materials to promote understanding of models and climate change?

Q: How does one design a course focused on modeling without spending the entire semester focusing on background material? At what point or how much experience must students have to get beyond seeing a model as a black box?

Q. How do we teach about climate projections in class? How do we go beyond using current climate data in class to teach students about climate projections taking into account the affective domain and prior conceptions (e.g. not losing interest because they "don't believe in climate change" or, the other end of the spectrum, they see future climate change as "the end of the world").

Q. How does one define scenarios vs. forecasts vs. projections?

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