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Biocomplexity Breakout Session II

Questions for consideration:

Integrating Biocomplexity into a K-12 Curriculum

What do we want to achieve?


Who will lead?

Opportunities in geoscience courses and curricula to teach about biocomplexity


General Ed

Co-join courses, web courses
Assessment mechanisms

Geology/geography majors

Graduate students

Student needs

System based approach

  1. System
  2. What are the questions?
    • Brainstorming questions (exploration of student background)
    • Add content and focus
    • Synthesis
      • Study linkages
      • Produce concept maps
      • Produce models
Emphasis on, and order of steps depends on audience knowledge level and size of audience.

How are we teaching biocomplexity?

What: Examples of courses and programs

These are taught at a variety of levels and in a variety of ways, but not as biocomplexity.



Internal External

Best Practices

Political Resources


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