User Scenario: My Rock

Cathy Manduca, Carleton College

I would like students to be able to find all of the geologic information about a specific locality by knowing either where they are geospatially or geologically. So for example, a student could know that they were at Stewartville, MN. They would enter that place name in NSDL and all the geologic maps, sample localities, and structural data that are available for Stewartville, MN would be plotted on a GIS interface. They could then click on a sample locality and get a rock description and the other data collected from that locality (geochemical analysis, microprobe data, geochronologic data, etc.) This would be linked to the papers describing the data and the conclusions drawn from them. Similarly, if the student wanted to get information on the Little Goose Creek Formation, they could enter the formation name and return a map of the formation indexing sample localities.

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