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Virtual Learning Community

Virtual Activity Review
Monday, January 25 - Friday, February 19, 2010

Participants in this virtual community will learn more about what makes a good active learning experience and review the activities that have been submitted by the group.

Agenda for the VLC work.

Participants and Activities

View the activities submitted by participants. Until 2/19/10, these activities may only be viewed by participants in the virtual learning community.

Technical Considerations

Access to View and Edit Activities
Participants will need to make accounts on the Content Management System at SERC if they do not already have one. Just go to and click on the Make an Account link. Once you have an account, use that same URL to login. Your Account page will have links to any pages that you have editing access to including the activity that you submitted for review. If you run into any issues accessing your activity for editing, please contact John McDaris.

Access to Discussion Forums on D2L
Participants will need to take part in discussions and access documents at the D2L Course Page. To access this page, login to the MnSCU D2L page and navigate to the course page.

Access to WebEx
Go to and login. This will put you on the Welcome tab which lists all the Webex meetings for the day. Scroll to the PKAL Sharing Our Work session that you want and click on the session title. On the right hand side, enter your name. No password is required. Click "join now". After you are connected to the website, a pop-up box will ask if you would like to be connected to the audio portion. Select "I will call in" on the pull-down and then dial the toll free number that is given.