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Workshop Program

Friday, January 29

10:00 AM/3:00 PM First Synchronous Class Meeting

How to Conduct the Review: During this call, the conveners of the workshop will lay out the plan for the workshop and provide instructions to the participants about how they will be able to carry out the different parts of the work. The group will discuss what makes a good teaching activity and the guidelines we will be using to provide feedback to one another on the teaching activities.

January 29 - February 9

During this period, the participants will be reviewing each others' activities and having small group discussions about how they might be improved. Each participant is assigned to a group with 2 or 3 others. All of the participants in the group will review the activities of the other members of the group. The first step is to complete a review of the activities of your fellow group members and upload them to the discussion list in D2L. Once these have been exchanged, the group will meet by phone and email to discuss each activity as a group and consider its strengths and develop ideas for improving it further. These discussions should be completed by February 10. Each group should also consider if there are overarching points about effective teaching activities that became obvious through the process. These will be brought forward for discussion with the entire workshop group on the February 10 call.

Sharing the Reviews: You will share your reviews with your discussion group by attaching them to a post in the D2L discussion forum. This should be completed at least 2 days in advance of your phone call so that people have time to read the reviews in preparation.

Scheduling a phone meeting for your discussion group: Please finish the process of scheduling your groups phone call/WebEx by Wednesday Feb 3. You can find a time by having a discussion in D2L or by using the calendering function.

Phone meeting guidelines: The goal of these discussions is to provide a forum for the group to discuss each activities strengths and weakness and to help the author develop a plan for revisions. You will want to focus both on the activity itself and on the presentation to other faculty in the webpage (could a faculty member go from the webpage to effectively teaching the activity?).
Your group's assigned time keeper should make sure that you spend 15-20 minutes discussing each activity. The discussion facilitator's role is to make sure that all have a chance to speak, that the conversation is respectful of all involved, and that the author is receiving constructive suggestions for how to proceed,

At the end of this discussion each author should be ready to proceed with editing the activity and its associated webpage. Please make sure you have started on this before the Feb 10 phone call so that we can trouble shoot any editing problems.

Wednesday, February 10 or Friday, February 12

11:00 AM (Wednesday)/3:00 PM (Friday) Second Synchronous Class Meeting

Reviewing the Review Process: By the second call, all activity review should be finished and the small groups should have had their discussions. At this phone call the whole group will discuss the overarching discoveries from the process and lessons learned about what makes effective activities.

February 11 - February 18

During this period, participants should revise their activity based on the feedback from their reviewers and in light of the overarching discussions of effective teaching practice. This work will take place inside the Content Management System at SERC. Revisions should be finished by 9:00 AM (CST) on February 19, so that all the activities can be made live in time for the wrap up phone call.

Thursday, February 18 or Friday, February 19

1:00 PM (Thursday)/12:00 PM (Friday) Final Synchronous Class Meeting

Lessons Learned from Revising

Friday, February 26

Celebrating our Work: concurrent sessions and Celebration Dinner at Realizing Student Success conference