Participants and Activities

These activities were developed and reviewed by the participants in the Sharing Our Work Virtual Learning Community.

Dave Blackburn, Century College (The Candle Icebreaker)
Ramona Caswell, Minnesota State Community and Technical College (Ionic and Binary Compound Chemical Nomenclature)
Gretchen Flaherty, Lake Superior College (Learning to Paraphrase: A Group Activity)
Barbara Fritz, MCTC (Student Inquiry Into Cellular Respiration)
Ann M. Mills, Ridgewater College (Antibacterial soaps, friend or foe: An investigative case study)
Jeffrey R. Pribyl, Minnesota State University, Mankato (Metric System Conversions: Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning (POGIL) activity)
Matthew Whitehill, Lake Superior College (Wonder Lake, a Case Study)