Sharing Our Work: A PKAL Showcase

A capstone to celebrate our collaboration!

It is time to showcase and celebrate our work! Faculty were invited to participate by creating a classroom activity or assignment that uses a Pedagogy of Engagement and then developing teaching notes for the activity. A peer review process was used so that they received feedback and were able to improve their activity. After final submission, we can now unveil a collection of MnSCU STEM Classroom Activities!

View the collection of Peer Reviewed Teaching Activities generated by Sharing Our Work.

Flier (Acrobat (PDF) 119kB Dec21 09)

Description of the Peer Review Process

Create! Describe a classroom or laboratory activity you've created, and how it represents a pedagogy of engagement (such as Just in Tim Teaching, POGIL, or case studies). This section has tips for creating an engaging and useful teaching activity as well as a link to descriptions of specific pedagogies.

Submit! Submit your activity by Friday, January 15. You will be submitting your activity on this site.

Review! Participate in a peer-review process. There will be 3 options during the month of January: Face-to-Face Workshop, Virtual Learning Community, and Peer Observation Partnership.

Revise! Incorporate feedback from your peers and re-submit by February 15. The collection will be housed on this site.

Share and Celebrate! Join in the celebration! A special event will be held at the Realizing Student Potential Conference at Minneapolis Community and Technical College. The Share and Celebration will be Friday, February 26, 2010 from 6 - 8:30 p.m. on the 3rd floor of the Library.


For faculty:

  • Improve assignments and classroom activities to increase student learning
  • Learn from and share with colleagues
  • Continued support for learning community for STEM faculty
  • Support Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
  • Receive recognition for creative work

For Pedagogy of Engagement grant project:

  • Illustrate influence of PKAL partnership with Minnesota State Colleges and Universities
  • Disseminate products of partnership
  • Serve as a capstone event of the partnership
  • Stimulate new partnerships

Who can participate?

All faculty that teach in the STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) within the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system are invited to participate. You do not need to have attended a PKAL workshop. It has always been our assumption that faculty teams that attend workshops will share and discuss their ideas with their colleagues.

What are the benefits of participating?

Of course, the ultimate benefit is that you will have an activity that has been reviewed by your peers, possibly field-tested, and that improves your students' learning and understanding. Because of the rigorous peer-review process, the activity may be useful for the tenure process. Lodging and meal expenses will be covered for the review workshop as well as for attendance at the Realizing Student Potential Conference which will include a celebration for the PKAL collaboration. Participants that complete the process will receive a gift of a book pertaining to teaching and learning.


The three facilitators have been involved with the MnSCU PKAL Collaboration for the past year.
  • Brenda Lyseng, STEM Project Specialist, Office of the Chancellor, Minnesota State Colleges and Universities
  • Jim Swartz, co-PI for Pedagogies of Engagement grant, Professor of Chemistry, Grinnell College
  • Cathy Manduca, Director of Carleton Science Education Resource Center, Carleton College


Please contact at Brenda Lyseng at or 651-649-5773.

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