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Video Presentation Sessions

Sessions authored by Wesley S. Boberg. Video resources vary by course content but include videos by National Geographic, Discover Channel, Earth Revealed, Nova.
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Provide opportunities to experience historic and/or current scientific information through audio/visual media. Further, these sessions allow students to express and discuss their understanding of the science content and its relevance prior to writing a summary.

Learning Goals

  1. Attend the required video presentations and document the content of the videos.
  2. Review the documentation and provide answers to an electronic evaluation (in D2L).
  3. Discuss the results of the evaluation as a learning tool for further understanding of the content.
  4. Develop and prepare a written summary of the content and relevance of the video.

Context for Use

Description and Teaching Materials

Activity Directions (Microsoft Word 2007 (.docx) 13kB Feb25 10)

Teaching Notes and Tips


  1. Watching the video and taking the evaluation quiz is worth 40% of the grade and graded as participation only – there are no make-up videos.
  2. The written summary is worth 60% of the grade and can be submitted electronically, by the due date, in D2L drop box or by email; you can also hand in a hard copy by the due date. This summary will be graded based on the conditions listed above and based on writing ability, spelling, punctuation, and accuracy of content knowledge. This part of the assignment can be turned in for partial credit without taking the quiz (if you have watched the video).

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